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Most common repair

By far the most common repair we get calls for is spring repair. However, we can’t actually repair springs and even if we could we never would. If your  garage door springs are having problems it is always best to replace them. The torsion springs carry so much tension in them that if they snap the whole door can instantly fall with a ton of force. This is why you should just replace the springs and make sure that you are our of harms way. We also recommend replacing both springs if one goes out because with the same amount of age and use the other one is probably on its way out too.

Maintenance Tips For Garage Doors

When it’s cold and snowing outside, coming home to a broken garage door is not the best situation to be in. Don’t get left out in the cold! Follow these simple safety tips to keep your garage door functioning in top condition.

A garage door is a very large, heavy moving appliance. It is recommended that you have annual maintenance performed on your door. This can help prevent more expensive problems from happening later on. Below are some basic maintenance tips that will help prolong the lifespan of your garage door.

At least monthly, you should inspect all of the components of your garage door system. If everything looks up to par, you can put a small amount of a general lube into the moving parts. This will keep your door working wonderfully for a long time to come. If something seems broken or off track, you need to have a professional repair company take a look as soon as possible to address the matter before it gets any worse.

Don’t forget to clean your door! Use a soft cloth to wipe down the door. You can mix detergent and water to clean off debris from your door. Make sure you rinse the door thoroughly. Once the door is clean you can apply car wax to help protect it from acid rain, rust and the sun. It also gives the door a nice, sleek finish.

Check the weather stripping at the bottom of your garage door. Is it cracked?  Replace it! If there are cracks in the seal, snow and cold drafts can come into your garage. Having a well-sealed garage door can help to keep you and your garage warm in cold temperatures!

Keeps these maintenance tips in mind so you can get your garage door ready for winter while helping to keep it functioning longer!

How To Winterize Your Garage

When the coldest months approach, there a few things that should be done to make sure your garage door is ready for winter!

Winterize your Garage Door

Check the weather stripping at the bottom of your door. If it appears to be cracked it needs to be replaced to keep the cold air, wind and rain from coming in. The garage door weather-stripping creates a seal between the garage door and the opening. If a garage gets to cold the equipment you store in there may freeze and break. Also, paint or car fuels can freeze and decompose. Empty the liquids from the lawnmower and other motorized lawn care tools to avoid potential freezing.

It is recommended to clean your garage door both on the inside and outside. Washing your door with mild household detergent can actually increase the door’s lifespan by protecting it from damaging build-up. Use a cloth to remove any rust or dirt from your door.

Check all moving parts of the door to make sure none is broken. It is also important that you keep all moving parts well lubricated, especially during the cold winter months. Use a non-silicone based garage door lubricant to spray springs, rollers, and hinges.

Methods for Winterizing a Garage Door

Garage door remote control batteries are more prone to failure during cold winter months. Don’t get left out in the cold, always check and replace batteries as needed! Keep a spare battery on hand at all times.

Trim nearby trees that could be a threat to your roof. If large dead branches or heavy twigs fall down from a winter’s storm that can cause a lot of damage to your garage roof and your entire home.

Follow these winter tips, and after months of snow, wind and frigid temperatures your garage door will still be working like a charm. A well-insulated garage will provide you with a warm workspace all year round!

Garage Door in Winter

What Is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

Technology for the 21st Century

The past ten years have seen amazing advancements in technologies that simplify our lives, and each day, new products are rolling out that utilize these advancements in our everyday tools. With the realization of MyQ systems, garage door openers have moved into the realm of science fiction.
MyQ technology uses computers and smart phones to control aspects of your house while you are away. This patented system is a two-way communication link between you and the items in your house installed with the software. Using simple interface menus located in a downloaded application, your garage door opener acts as a brain to everything in your house, from appliances to lights. Anything in the house with the technology can interface with the main programming located in the garage door opener.
As an added security feature, the software scrambles the link codes, so no two transmissions are alike. This stems the problem of a hacker capturing and decoding your data by constantly changing the way it is sent and received by the main unit in the garage.
Using the system, a homeowner can open or shut the garage door from anywhere around the world. For example, you might be on vacation in Botswana when your 16-year-old sends a text saying they are locked out of the house. With the push of a button, the smart phone will communicate with your garage door opener and give access to the house.
The system can also be used to program an auto-close function on your opener. By bringing up the program menu, you can instruct the door to close after a period of time without you having to do anything further. If your hands are filled with groceries, or if you forget to close the door after driving off to a meeting, the door will close after the programmed time has elapsed.
For more information about MyQ technology, visit your local garage door dealer.

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